Chumash Proposed Wilderness Additions

Apache Proposed Wilderness Addition
Western Chumash Addition © Michael Summers

Area Description 

Known as the "Bryce Canyon of California" because of its narrow, multicolored sandstone canyons, this area is home to pronghorn antelope, tule elk, San Joaquin kit fox, black bear, southern spotted owl and California condor. The proposed additions serve as a critical wildlife corridor between the Wind Wolves Preserve and the Chumash Wilderness. According to the Forest Service some portions of the badlands are known for their “considerable paleontological finds.”

Size & Boundaries

Southwestern Chumash Addition - 17,522 acres. This scenic and accessible area is bounded by Hwy 33 to the west, Apache Canyon Road to the north, existing Chumash Wilderness to the east, and private inholdings along Lockwood Valley Road to the south.

Southern Chumash Addition - 5,756 acres. This rugged area between Sespe and Chumash Wildernesses has its western boundary about one mile east of Forest Service Road (FSR) 8N40, the northern boundary is existing Chumash Wilderness, the eastern boundary lies about one mile west of private inholdings near FSR 8N31, and the southern boundary is Lockwood Valley Road.


No current trails within these wilderness additions


This area has no existing campgrounds, but both Nettle Springs and Dome Springs campgrounds lie just outside the proposed wilderness boundaries.