Condor Ridge Proposed Wilderness Addition

Condor Ridge © Bill Dewey

Area Description 

With magestic views of the Gaviota Coast, Channel Islands, and Santa Ynez Valley this addition would be an entirely new wilderness area for the Los Padres National Forest. Coastal wilderness is very rare in California and nonexistant south of the Monterey District of the Los Padres near Big Sur.  Along with continuing efforts to preserve open space, ranching, and agriculture along the Gaviota Coast, this area represents a rare opportunity to preserve, from ridgeline to the beach, one of California's most beautiful coastal stretches.

An east/west running mountain range where cool northern climates meet with their warm southern counterparts to create an area high in biodiversity and year-round weather that affords plenty of time to take it all in.  The area is also home to many endemic species such as the Santa Ynez false-lupine, a Forest Service designated sensitive plant species found nowhere else on earth.

Also located in this area are several headwaters for local coastal drainages that are designated critical habitat for southern steelhead while also providing much needed water resources for local farming and ranching operations.

Size & Boundary Description

Condor Ridge Proposed Wilderness - 18,472 acres.  This wonderful coastal ridgeline is bounded on the west by a boundary that generally follows private inholdings along Refugio Canyon Road, the north roughly contours existing Los Padres NF brder, the east is bound by Bear Creek and Eagle Canyon, and the southern boundary follows Los Padres NF border. 


Tequepis Trail (3.6 miles) lies within the proposed wilderness area.  However, West Camino Cielo, bisects, but does not lie within, proposed wilderness addition.