Condor Ridge Proposed Scenic Area

Condor Ridge © Bill Dewey

Area Description 

As its name implies, the area is historic habitat for the California condor. The south-flowing perennial streams in the area provide habitat for the endangered southern steelhead trout, while the perennial streams flowing both north and south are designated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as “critical habitat” for the threatened California red-legged frog. Habitat for the southern spotted owl is provided by forests gracing the area’s north-facing slopes. Visitors to the area are greeted by outstanding views in all directions, including the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Range.

Size & Boundary Description

Condor Ridge Proposed Wilderness - 18,472 acres.  This wonderful coastal ridgeline is bounded on the west by a boundary that generally follows private inholdings along Refugio Canyon Road, the north roughly contours existing Los Padres NF brder, the east is bound by Bear Creek and Eagle Canyon, and the southern boundary follows Los Padres NF border. 


Tequepis Trail (3.6 miles) lies within the proposed wilderness area.  However, West Camino Cielo, bisects, but does not lie within, proposed wilderness addition.