Dick Smith Proposed Wilderness Additions

Chumash Proposed Wilderness Additions
Balanced Rock © Gordon Johnson

Area Description  

The upper reaches of Buckhorn Creek flow year-round and host a healthy rainbow trout fishery. The area contains large, beautiful sandstone outcrops. The Mono Creek drainage offers towering canyon walls at a site called the Narrows, as well as deep pools of water and striking limestone outcrops. California spotted owls are suspected to nest in the area, and California red-legged frogs, southwestern willow flycatchers and one of the largest populations of southwestern pond turtles on the LPNF are also known to dwell there.

Size & Boundaries

Southwestern Dick Smith Addition - 5,281 acres. This area's western and northern boundaries formed by Buckhorn Road (Forest Service Road (FSR) 9N11), eastern boundary is existing Dick Smith Wilderness, and the southern boundary is Buckhorn Trail (27W12).

Northern Dick Smith Addition - 18,952. The western boundary roughly follows Santa Barbara Canyon Road, northern and eastern boundaries formed by Los Padres NF border, and the southern boundary FSR 8N19 and Tinta Trail (24W02).

Eastern Dick Smith Addition - 2,309 acres. The western boundary is existing Dick Smith Wilderness, northern boundary is FSR 7N04, eastern boundary formed by private inholdings along Hwy 33 and Bear Canyon Trail (24W01), and the southern boundary is Hwy 33.

Southeasten Dick Smith Addition - 26,755 acres. The western and northern boundaries are formed by FSR 7N05, the eastern boundary is formed by FSRs 6N17 and 6N03, and southern boundary formed by FSR 6N24 and FSR 6N30. 


Alamar Trail, Alamar Hill Trail, Bear Canyon Trail, Deal Trail


Lower Alamar