Matilija Proposed Wilderness Additions

Matilija Proposed Wilderness Additions
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Area Description 

White Ledge Peak is a very distinctive local landmark. Its bare-rock face is visible to visitors throughout the region. This beautiful white rock formation rises in stunning contrast to evergreen chaparral. The California condor forages in the area, and it may begin nesting soon. The area Contains the Dry Lakes Ridge Botanical Area, where seasonal ponds provide habitat for a diverse array of unique plant life including species that do not occur anywhere else in the region. Over 16 sensitive animal and plant species are found in the area.

Size & Boundaries

Western Matilija Addition - 17,643 acres. The western and nothern boundaries are formed by Forest Service Road (FSR) 6N17, the eastern boundary is Potrero Seco Road, and southern boundary generally follows FSR 5N01.

Northern Matilija Addition - 3,864 acres. The western and northern boundaries are Potrero Seco Road, the eastern boundary is private inholdings located west of Hwy 33, and southern boundary is existing Matilija Wilderness. 

Eastern Matilija Addition - 16,495 acres. The western boundary roughly follows the eastern boundary of existing Matilija Wilderness, the northern and eastern boundaries are formed by Hwy 33, and the southern boundary is formed by private inholdings along Hwy 33 and Matilija Creek Road (FSR 5N13). 

Southern Matilija Addition - 13,811 acres. The western boundary roughly follows Santa Barbara/Ventura county line, the northern boundary is FSR 5N13, the eastern boundary formed by gas pipeline near private in-holdings and the North Fork of Santa Ana Creek, and the southern boundary is roughly follows FSR 4N05.


The Agua Caliente Trail lies within the Western Addition while the Ortega Trail (popular OHV trail) bisects, but does not lie within, the Eastern Addition - all legal OHV uses will continue on this trail.


Upper Caliente is found within the Western Addition. Potrero Seco (Northern Addition), Ortega (Eastern Addition), and Murietta (Southern Addition) are all located just outside existing and proposed wilderness areas.