San Rafael Proposed Wilderness Additions

Chumash Pictographs in San Rafael Addition

Area Description 

Oak woodlands and grasslands offer critical foraging areas for deer, California condor and a plethora of other species. The Painted Rock area has a highly scenic waterfall. The proposed additions serve as an ecological staircase connecting valley grasslands with mid-elevation chaparral. Each step in the staircase contains an amazing diversity of plant communities, including occasional groves of pine and fir. The area’s many caves provide condor habitat and some of them are important archaeological sites. Some of these sites are included in the National Register of Historic Places. Native Americans continue to use the area for traditional cultural practices.

Size & Boundaries

San Rafael Addition - 42,048 acres. This unique area is bounded on the east by Aliso Canyon Road (10N10), the north by the National Forest border along lower slopes of Sierra Madre Range, the east by Santa Barbara Canyon Road, and the south by Sierra Madre Ridge Road.


Rocky Ridge (6.2 miles) & Bull Ridge (6.6 miles)


Painted Rock and Salisbury Potrero are both within the proposed wilderness while Aliso Park, to the west, lies just outside.